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Henry T. Anderson New Testament (1865)

Henry T. Anderson, The New Testament Translated from the Original Greek, by H.T. Anderson. Printed for the author at Franklin Type Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1864. 569 pages. A new edition of 568 pages was published in Louisville, Kentucky by John P. Morton & Co. in 1866, and the same publisher issued a smaller edition of 408 pages in the same year.

Henry T. Anderson, The New Testament Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mount Sinai. Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company, 1918. This purports to be an English version of Codex Sinaiticus, but in fact it is a revision of Anderson’s earlier translation of the New Testament, with alterations according to some of the readings of Codex Sinaiticus. The preface gives no information about what sources Anderson used. It is said that the version was prepared by Anderson shortly before his death in 1872.

Henry Tompkins Anderson (1812-1872) was a schoolmaster and a preacher in the Campbellite “Disciples of Christ” denomination. He was born and raised in Virginia, but spent most of his life in Kentucky. He produced his translation of the New Testament during the years 1861-64, while residing in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The story of his labors is told by his friend John Augustus Williams in a chapter of his Reminiscences reproduced below. Continue reading