The New World Translation theWord Bible (Jehovah’s Witness)

The New World Translation theWord Bible (Jehovah’s Witness)

Topic: The New World Translation theWord Bible (Jehovah’s Witness)
By David Cox

New World Translation theWord BibleThe New World Translation is not a good version of the Bible. Besides changing the text purely from a desire of the translator without any support from original languages, there is a heavy “bent” in the translators to defend their own group.

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From the official JW website about their Bible – Prefatory and Appendix material – Online version

Criticism about the JW Bible

The bottom line about EVERY BIBLE VERSION is that it is an accurate and faithful representation of God’s Word. It is not about what man thinks a Bible should be, but what God has given us. Having said that, the JWs seek to use their Bible version over other Bible versions because their Bible version makes “minor” editional changes to the text which “helps make clear the Greek and Hebrew”. So what this means is that somewhere they have language experts editing their Bible version. These people are a mystery because the JW organization does not reveal who they are because in doing so, immediately their scholarly qualifications would come into light to verify or show how shoddy these “experts” really are. See

The truth of the matter is that JWs are constantly in revision of their version because the Bible in itself teaches doctrines that the JWs reject such as the full deity of Jesus Christ, His eternity equal with God the Father, and the Trinity, and therefore they must change their Bible to bring it in line with their doctrines. This is ridiculous, and both the Jehovah’s Witnesses, their organization, their doctrines, and their Bible are all wrong. – A more complete site about JWs and the New World Translation. Note that they have whole pages dedicated to the wrong interpretation/translation on specific verses. – Examples of Anti-Trinitarian Bias, background info Col 1:16-17, Phil 2:9, John 8:58, John 1:1, Grandville Sharp Greek Grammar Rule, John 17:3, etc Gen 1:1-2, Zech 12:10, Mat 14:33, John 1:1, John 8:58, Acts 20:28, Col 1:16-17, Titus 2:13.


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