Complete Jewish Bible CBJ

To understand this Bible you need to understand Messianic Jews, not an easy thing in itself. A Messianic Jew is a Jewish believer which actually follows the OT mostly (nobody can follow it exactly as a Jew because the temple sacrifices are impossible to comply with since the temple was destroyed). But they are kind of people who have one foot in Old Testament Judaism and one foot in the New Testament.

The translator states that “By clarifying the Jewish nature of both testaments this study Bible seeks to help both Jews and Christians understand better their common heritage.” from

The most common element of these Jewish Bibles (and there are a lot of them floating about called TANAK Bibles), is that they refuse to use names of people and places that have been transliterated from Greek into English, and revert to a perversion of their Hebrew names forced into English. Part of this is to insult and assault the typical Christian into thinking that somehow their Bible has been wrong for so many years because they got the names of everybody wrong. In the Greek New Testament, God used Greek names for people, clearly understanding that many of these names came from Hebrew characters and Hebrew names. But none-the-less, their Greek forms are what we have recorded in the New Testament manuscripts. So correcting the New Testament to make it more “palatable” to a Jew is just not what the New Testament did.

In the image, notice
Matthew is now Mattityahu
Jesus is Yeshua
Abraham is Avraham

Why change the English forms of the Bible names that have been established for two centuries? No good reason, just because it offends “us” Jews.

Main issues with Jews and Messianic Jews

Although there is some “wiggle room” in Christianity, there is none when it comes to salvation. What these Messianic Jews have a hard time with are the following:

1.) God stopped using the Jews because of the hardness of their hearts to obey God exactly as God commanded them. The Messianic Jew completes misses the concept of the NT gentile church. They still believe they are central to God’s work today, when they are not.

2.) Salvation is by Jesus Christ, and there is no other way a person may be saved in the Old Testament or in the New Testament. The Old Testament saints were saved by believing in God’s provision in Christ, and not by keeping the law.

3.) The New Testament is a planned progressive work of God’s revelation, and the church replaces Israel in God’s work, thereby making the Old Testament laws and customs (of the Jews) non-obligatory on New Testament Christians.

4.) There can be no Old Testament or Jewish-Christian that does not accept Jesus as the Messiah, and the New Testament as the law book that replaces for the most part the Old Testament, i.e. we NT saved believers are not under the Old Testament law.

Colossians 2:16 gives NT believers total liberty to follow the OT feast days and celebrations or not do so with no sin involved if they don’t. The idea is first of all to make a distinction between OT Jew (now NT Jew) and church Christians. The implication is that the OT Jew (modern Jew) is truly obeying ALL OF GOD’S COMMANDMENTS (including the OT ones), and the NT church Christian is somehow inferior. From that tactic, they pressure the NT church Christian to follow the Messianic Jews into the full obedience of ALL of God’s commandments.

The second tactic they use is to presume that NT Christians really want to win Jews today to Christ, and this will not be possible unless they do not offend the Jews, and this means becoming Messianic Jews in essence. They must follow the OT commandments as these Messianics teach (they ignore a lot of rules and commandments because they are focused on the Temple, and with the destruction of the Temple, nobody can comply with them). But from an evangelism perspective, NT Church believers should bow to Judaism and become Messianic. Note that they never tell these people that they are seeking to bring under their domination about female circumcision, which is about the same as the Islamic Female Genital Mutilation.

5) God’s will is that the New Testament was to be written in Greek, and not Hebrew. The Greek forms are the correct forms, not fabricated Hebrew forms, i.e. changing the names to seem more like Hebrew is a corruption and perversion of the New Testament. There is no divine warrant for it because God gave us the NT in Greek, and if God didn’t see fit to use Hebrew names and words (except rarely) then it is wrong for us to take the initiative and do it.

Some more observations from this page

6.) A substitution of Adonai for Jehovah. The word is what it is, and it is wrong to be substituting one word for another in the Bible.

7.) To truly understand the things of God, you must look at everything through the eyes of an Old Testament Jew. We have to always keep in mind (and remind them) that the Old Testament Jew had a peculiar way of looking at things, and this view didn’t please God. That is why God set them aside. They were a fig tree with no fruit in its due time. That is what is their perfect way of seeing things.

8.) Isa 7.14 CBJ “young woman” instead of “virgin”.

9.) Isa 14:12 CBJ “Morning Star” (Christ), when the context is talking about Satan.