NIV theWord New International Version 2011

AUTHOR: Zondervan
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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Includes more than 100,000 cross-references, translator’s notes, passage headings, parallel passages, word of Jesus in red, poetry and prose text indentation


The NIV is a highly accurate and smooth-reading version of the Bible in modern English. It has the largest library of printed and electronic support material of any modern translation. The translation itself strikes a balance between a word-for-word and thought-for-thought philosophy, for the best representation of the intent of the original languages in today’s language. The translators’ mission was to “produce an accurate translation, suitable for public and private reading, teaching, preaching, memorizing, and liturgical use.” It is the world’s best-selling modern translation, with over 150 million copies in print since its first full publication in 1978.

Since its first emergence as a complete text in 1978, the New International Version (NIV) has stood as the modern pioneer of a different approach—an approach that mirrors the balance of priorities held by the KJV translators four hundred years ago. The NIV tries to bring its readers as close as possible to the experience of the original audience: providing the best possible blend of transparency to the original documents and comprehension of the original meaning in every verse. The NIV is founded on the belief that if hearing God’s Word the way it was written and understanding it the way it was meant were the hallmarks of the original reading experience, then accuracy in translation demands that neither one of these two criteria be prioritized above the other. Built upon this philosophy, the NIV has experienced much the same reaction in the church and beyond as its beloved predecessor whose values it seeks to emulate. Thirty years after its first publication there are more than four hundred million NIV Bibles in print. But, unlike its predecessor, the NIV was designed from the very start with a built-in mechanism to defy the attritional effects of time. Since 1978, the NIV translation team has continued to meet, year after year, reviewing developments in biblical scholarship and changes in English usage—revising the translation to ensure that it continues to offer its readers an experience that mirrors that of the original audience, and periodically releasing those revisions in updated editions of the text.

Updating the NIV for 2011
The chief goal of every revision to the NIV text is to bring the translation into line both with contemporary biblical scholarship and with shifts in English idiom and usage. In 1984, various corrections and revisions to the NIV text were made. A lengthy revision process was completed in 2005, resulting in the separately published Today’s New International Version (TNIV). This updated NIV builds on both the original NIV and the TNIV and represents the latest effort of the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) to articulate God’s unchanging Word in the way the original authors might have said it if they had been speaking in English to the global English-speaking audience today.

About this electronic version
The version for theWord includes more than 100,000 cross-references and closely follows the printed format, including poetry indentation, paragraphs, passage headings and translator’s footnotes. You ma y preview some sample from the links below.

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Note that this module is a premium module that costs $25.95  and that it is a legal copy of the NIV. Can you image facing God one day, and God asking you if you read your Bible consistently throughout your life, and you answer “yes Lord”. Then he asks you, but did you read it on a bootleg, pirated copy of the Scriptures? That is what you are doing when you use illegal copies of the NIV. It is only available where the people offering it have a contract with the publisher, and theWordbooks LLC does have.