Holy New Covenant (aka Galilee Translation) (2002)

The Holy New Covenant Translation was created by the Galilee Translation Project.  A group of Christians translated the New Testament while in Palestine in 1975.  It was distributed in the area of Palestine and used in many foreign schools to teach the English language.  It was also translated into Arabic and distributed in the Middle East.  The translation was again printed in 1999, and placed online and in the public domain in 2002. Continue reading

King James 2000 (KJ2000)

The idea for the King James 2000 version was conceived in the mind of the editor over 50 years ago. It is written especially for those who have memorized and want to preserve the tradition and beauty of the King James Version–Robert A. Couric


The 21st Century King James Version of the Holy Bible (KJ21®) is an accurate updating of the King James Version (KJV) of A.D. 1611. While easier to read and understand, it preserves the traditional Biblical language and sacred message of its historic predecessor. The KJ21® is the solution for Bible readers who love beautiful, reverent language yet want accuracy, clarity of meaning, and reading ease. Description from http://www.kj21.com/