Bible in Basic English (BBE)

Bible in Basic English – History
The Bible in Basic English was translated by Professor Samuel Henry Hooke (1874-1968), an English scholar and Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies at the University of London. The BBE was printed in 1965 by Cambridge Press in England. Published without any copyright notice and distributed in America, this work fell immediately and irretrievably into the public domain in the United States. from https://gotquestions.org/Bible-Basic-English-BBE.html Continue reading

Henry T. Anderson New Testament (1865)

Henry T. Anderson, The New Testament Translated from the Original Greek, by H.T. Anderson. Printed for the author at Franklin Type Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1864. 569 pages. A new edition of 568 pages was published in Louisville, Kentucky by John P. Morton & Co. in 1866, and the same publisher issued a smaller edition of 408 pages in the same year.

Henry T. Anderson, The New Testament Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mount Sinai. Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company, 1918. This purports to be an English version of Codex Sinaiticus, but in fact it is a revision of Anderson’s earlier translation of the New Testament, with alterations according to some of the readings of Codex Sinaiticus. The preface gives no information about what sources Anderson used. It is said that the version was prepared by Anderson shortly before his death in 1872.

Henry Tompkins Anderson (1812-1872) was a schoolmaster and a preacher in the Campbellite “Disciples of Christ” denomination. He was born and raised in Virginia, but spent most of his life in Kentucky. He produced his translation of the New Testament during the years 1861-64, while residing in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The story of his labors is told by his friend John Augustus Williams in a chapter of his Reminiscences reproduced below. Continue reading

Complete Jewish Bible CBJ

To understand this Bible you need to understand Messianic Jews, not an easy thing in itself. A Messianic Jew is a Jewish believer which actually follows the OT mostly (nobody can follow it exactly as a Jew because the temple sacrifices are impossible to comply with since the temple was destroyed). But they are kind of people who have one foot in Old Testament Judaism and one foot in the New Testament.

The translator states that “By clarifying the Jewish nature of both testaments this study Bible seeks to help both Jews and Christians understand better their common heritage.” from biblebuyingguide.com

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J.W. Etheridges English Translation of the Peshitta.

J.W. Etheridges English Translation of the Peshitta.

Etheridges English Translation

John Wesley Etheridge- A Literal Translation of the Four Gospels From the Peschito, or Ancient Syriac and The Apostolical Acts and Epistles From the Peschito, or Ancient Syriac: To Which Are Added, the Remaining Epistles and The Book of Revelation, After a Later Syriac Text (1849).

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AMP The Amplified Bible

Author(s): The Lockman Foundation
Module version: 1.0
Description: Includes the Amplified Bible and 14 colored maps!
Amplified Bible (1965).  Modern English version from original Greek text. Has bracketed words and phrases to help explain more difficult and complicated passages.

The first complete Bible produced by The Lockman Foundation was the Amplified Bible. The Amplified Bible is a translation that, by using synonyms and definitions, both explains and expands the meaning of words in the text by placing amplification in parentheses and brackets and after key words or phrases.This unique system of translation allows the reader to more completely grasp the meaning of the words as they were understood in the original languages. Through multiple expressions, fuller and more revealing appreciation is given to the divine message as the original text legitimately permits.

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International Standard Version Bible (ISV)

AUTHOR: The ISV Foundation
AVAILABILITYImmediate download and unlock of module
PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Includes more than 15,000 footnotes, Passage Headings, Paragraphs and Poetry Indentations, Red Letters

The ISV is a totally new work translated directly from the original languages of Scripture and derived from no other English translation.

This is a premium module available at theWordbooks for $9.95.

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King James 1611

The King James Version (KJV), also known as Authorized [sic] Version (AV) or simply King James Bible (KJB), is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611.[a] The books of the King James Version include the 39 books of the Old Testament, an intertestamental section containing 14 books of the Apocrypha, and the 27 books of the New Testament.-Wikipedia